Biz Da Don

Straight out of Southside Jamaica, currently residing in Far Rockaway, Biz Da Don(often simply known as B. I. Z., Biz, or Bizzy) is a Music Artist from Queens, NYC.


Biz is 1 of 4 founding members of the FAME Boyz Music Group. He most often collaborates with BrisTheIcon and JnJ of the Jones Brothers duo. Biz is also the founder and CEO of Inclined Enterprises and all of it’s subsidiaries such as Emperial Apparel, Inclined Artwork, Inclined Photography, Inclined Word, and Musically Inclined Media.

Who is Biz Da Don

Music Artist


Music Producer








Graphic Designer

Founder/CEO/Owner at Inclined Enterprises (formerly Inclined Entertainment)
(2017 – Present)
With 2016 coming to a close, an inspired entrepreneur reached out to a few of his most trusted hardworking contacts, with the launch of a Media Conglomerate in mind with a collaborative effort from some very creative minds. The unofficial beginning of the company would take place in January, 2017. The company would later be officially licensed to operate in the state of New York as of May 2021.

Founder/CEO/Managing Director at Musically Inclined Media (formerly Musically Inclined Records)
(2012 – Present)
At the start of 2012, as an independent artist, the goal was to to create as much music as possible, with the realization that a major record deal was not a necessity for a musician to have, Biz coined the idea for Musically Inclined Records, now Musically Inclined Media aka M.I.M. M.I.M would be deemed the official independent record label for publishing all music made by any of the FAME Boyz and Biz; and unofficially began operating in 2017.

Co-Founder of the FAME Boyz Music Group
(2007 – Present)
Alongside other young aspiring Music Artists Cham 22, JnJ, and Midgy in 2007, these enthusiast teens formed the FAME Boyz.